Multiseñal, S.A. de C.V. born since the need of developing innovative products without precedents, that really cover the use, function cost, competitiveness and safety requirements, those that features us in traffic products matters, taking advantage of more than 30 years of knowledge and expertise in manufacturing plastic products



We have consolidated a position in traffic signalisation and products related market enhancing the production of them, and -among other hits- being the first that integrates the use and benefits of solar energy applications on traffic products, -resulting in a complete electronics branch-, providing a new vision of efficency in safety and security on traffic issues.

During these years our extended operative, technical and financial capacities allow us to get a further diversification and invention of new products, up to 620 different manufatured in our traffic signalisation and equipment line.    

Today we are a solid and specialized enterprise that manufactures and sells a best quality and prize products, with a main mission and objetives to offer latest in traffic engineering technology always focused on accidents prevention and lifes protection in roads and cities.

Our nowadays vision is to being signalisation and traffic products market leaders with highest quality standards to meet our customer expectatives in due time and proper form.

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We are still developing products according the our clients needs.

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30 years experience in plastics production

Quality, Innovation and Technology in our products.