Under the terms of “Ley de Protección de Datos en Posesión de Particulares” (Law of Data Protection in possesion of a private part), Multiseñal, S.A. DE C.V., with tax residence in Nubes # 252 street, Col. Jardines del Pedregal, Alcaldía Álvaro Obregón District, Zip Code 01900, México City., is responsible of the processing and manage of your persona data information you registered for commercial purposes.

We declare:

We drive ourselves by entreprenurial principles and values without desire, craving or motive to bother you, or to risk, or to put on danger your data, just we use with the aim of broadcast, promote and commercialize the products and services we give to overall society and to specialized sectors.

The private information we collect has the end of promotion, commercialization and sell of all and each of our products and services and for that we require the following points and documentaries (if it is the case) to register you as a client and furthermore we can sell our products and services:

Phone numbers


simple copy of:

Tax id (registro federal de contribuyentes) R-1 format and/or updated message 

Constitutive Act

Shipment route

Shipment modality

Bank deposit or bank transference vouchers (if is the case).

If we don´t have this information we cannot be in possibility of promote, commercialize and sell our products and services, so in this virtue your private information will be used for the following purposes:

* To quote and provide the products and services required.

* To inform about new products and services related with those contracted by the client.

* To fullfilment contracted obligations with our customers and providers and to inform on changes about our products and services.

* To evaluate our services quality. 

Your petition most be accompained of the following information:

Purchase order: correct, complete and authorized.

Purchase order request signed and authorized by the…

(1) Authorized salesman acredited or by an entreprise authorized representative.

(2) Purchaser responsible and/or authorized purchaser of the acquiring part.

For the ends indicated in this Privacy Statement we can collect your private information in different ways:

When you give it us personally, by phone call or in person.

When you visit our web site.

When you use our on-line services.

When we get information by other means authorized by law (directories, expositions, seminars, conferences, etc).


We collect your private information in direct way when you give them us by different means, for example, when in our promotions you give us information looking for one of our services. Data get it by this way can be, among others:

Company name and/or your Entity name

Tax domicile or delivery adreess

Name and charge of the responsible and/or purchaser.



Products of interest

Quantity of products of interest 


We can obtain information about you from other sources authorized by law like phone directories, labour, expositions, seminars, conferences, etc, the data we collect by this means can be:

Company name and/or your Entity name

Tax domicile or delivery adreess

Name and charge of the responsible and/or purchaser.



Products of interest

Quantity of products of interest 

Cookies are text archives downloaded automatically and storaged in hard disk of the user during navigation on an specific webpage, that allow the internet server some data of these user, among these his/her preferences about page vizualisation on that server, name and password.

On the other hand, los web beacons are images inserted on a web page or e-mail that can be used to monitor the behaviour of a visitor, for example, like information of the IP adress of user, the duration of interaction with that web page and -among others- the browser he used.

We inform user that coookies and web beacons are for obtain private personal information from you like these:

* Type of browser and operative system.

* Web pages more used.

* The links he /she follows.

* His IP direction.

* Exactly the site he/she have visited before center ours.

These cookies and technologies can be disabled, to know how to do it, please ask for this to the following e-mail direction:

ventas@ciclopistas.com e info@lespistescyclables.fr

On every moment and under any circumstance your private information can be used to provide services and required products, and the related activities.

This information do not facilitate to third parts, nor in combination with another type of information in our storage, only by previous authorization of the entitled person and/or just in case being required by law.

You has the right to access to your private information we have and details of the treatment of this, and also to a rectify in case there are inexact or you can instruct us to cancel them when you consider are excessive or unnecesary for the ends that justify its collection, and also opposed to the treatment of these for the specified ends.

The mechanism that apply for the exercise of this right is by presenting the respective request.

On every moment you can revoke your consent you have granted to us for the treatment of your personal data, with the end of stop using them, for this -if you don´t want to receive ower offers and promotions , we will be pleased to know it by any of these means:

* Phone number: 55-5399-9033

* E-mail: info@ciclopistas.com and ventas@lespistescyclables.fr

* Or by a free writing in the cited address, to the attention of Mrs. Lic. María de los   Angeles González Cerón.

We reserved the right to made at any moment modifications or updates to the present Privacy Statement according changes on legislative matter, jurisprudence, internal policies, new requirements, for the provision or offering of our services, products and market pratices.

This modifications will be available to public by electronic media:

Privacy Statement: Ø www.us.ciclopistas.com.mx

Also by flyers or by brochures availables in our facilities and attention to client centers or we will send you to the last e-mail you have gived to us.

We commit that these data are gonna treat under security measures, always guaranteeing its confidentiality.

Date of the last update of the present Privacy Statement.